WordPress Quote


I coined this quote primarily for my WordPress plugins review website, and it is what it says on the tin. So many people are struggling to make their WordPress installations deliver specific functions, when the answer is usually staring them in the face, where a simple plugin can solve all their woes. “Using WordPress withoutRead More

Is your interest celebrity gossip?


Be careful what you think about With the constant media circus forcing other peoples lives down our throats, it is sometimes easy to forget that you have a life of your own that may need some of your attention. “If we can become what we think about most of the time, most people become… trivia”Read More

If at first you DO succeed

success quote

One of my passions is quotes, so instead of uploading a barrage of old quotes, I am going to start posting my own quotes, in memes. If at first you DO succeed, you are indeed a very rare breed. #PeteLauder 2013      Discover